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Hello friends!

If you haven’t heard yet, SC2Links is on Patreon! You can now directly support the site by pledging to finance the goals I have for enhancing your SC2Links experience.

For as little as 1 dollar per month, you gain direct access to influencing how changes to this site will be made going forward. In addition to that, the ‘Builds For Every Matchup’ series will now be exclusively available to those patrons who have pledged.

Is 1 dollar a month worth it to you to not only support SC2Links, but gain private access to the best builds for every race from major tournaments every month? If you’re curious about the quality of this content, look back at my last two build posts for reference:

A Build For Every Matchup

A Build For Every Matchup 2

Below are the links to my most recent ‘Builds For Every Matchup’ from last week’s IEM World Championship VODs. Pledge your support today for exclusive access to these amazing builds, and if you aren’t satisfied with the content I’m providing, feel free to cancel at any time.

Your continued support is what drives me to keep this site updated AND to pump out excellent content that you can translate directly into ladder wins!!

See you next week for the GSL my fellow nerds, enjoy!

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