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Posted on by DOOM

I am proud to announce that SC2Links is now on Patreon! That’s right, you can now support your favorite website on the internet through a sustainable method that aims to implement features to improve your site experience.

As a result of this new endeavor, I am lifting the ban on AdBlock users.

Around 35% of our total user base was not happy with the AdBlock ban and that is not OK. I want to make Starcraft 2 VODs less restrictive, and at the end of the day it’s your right to browse the web however you want to browse it.

The landscape of the internet is constantly changing and Patreon is the first attempt I will make in exploring options to support and improve SC2Links so that current and future users have the best experience possible.

Click the button above to check out the Patreon, which includes my goals for the future of the site as well as the option to pledge support for SC2Links.

If you have any feedback on the Patreon or want to get in contact with me directly, feel free to reach out at @SC2Links on twitter.


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