SHOUTcraft America Standings 4/30

PSA #1 Regarding SHOUTcraft America Participants

As the qualification period for the SHOUTcraft America tournament enters its final stage, ladder position now matters more than ever. While this has brought competition to the ladder it has also brought less above-board methods to ensure that player ladder rank remains intact. We have uncovered evidence that some players have been engaging in forced-draws in order to maintain their ladder rank. Several players within the top 16 have multiple ties on their match history in which the build order clearly indicates that both players consenting to a mutual draw in order to maintain their ladder rankings.

This is probably our fault, we did not specifically prohibit this behavior, however we think it is clear to see that it is against the spirit of the competition. Since we did not outline regulations against this behavior, we will be offering a one time amnesty for it. Win-trading and forced draws are against the qualification rules for SHOUTcraft America. Ladder points must be accrued in a legitimate fashion, by beating the opponent fair and square. We should also remind players that the account they are playing on must belong to them and any boosting to the account being done by players other than the primary user of said account, is against the qualification rules. Blizzard is working with us to individually verify each account and needless to say they have logged all IP addresses used to access these accounts. If it is found that multiple players have played on the account in order to rank it up during the qualification period then that account will be subject to disqualification.

The win-trading and the forced draws stop right now. There will be zero tolerance for this behavior going forward. Those ladder points are not worth your qualification spot, do not risk being disqualified.

Thanks and GLHF!

PSA #2: If you are a barcode account in the top 16 and want to be eligible to qualify for SHOUTcraft America, your contact is required prior to ladder lock. No shared accounts. Only the account holder whose name is registered on the account will be accepted as that is what we are using to verify ownership via Blizzard.

Here is a snapshot of the North American Grand Master Ladder as of April 30, 2013. We have attempted to link up the ID’s to the more famous IDs to determine which players are eligible for SHOUTcraft America based on the eligibility requirements spelled out here. We have also provided links to all of the big tournament games that these players have participated in. If you have any corrections or additions to the player list, feel free to send us a tweet.

Assuming the barcode and anonymous players are ineligible, the current Top 16 who would qualify for SHOUTcraft America are:


Prior Standings

Entered Top 30 Since Yesterday

Dropped Out Of Top 30 Since Yesterday

Note that DeMusliM is not eligible because he is not a legal permanent resident of the US.

Rank Ladder ID Points Wins Losses Famous ID Real Name Eligible?
1st DeMusliMRC 2173 491  203 DeMusliM Benjamin Baker No
2nd PuppyKing 2124 110  24 Byun Hyun Woo No
3rd Bunny 1960 112  38 Bunny Patrick Brix No
4th coLqxc 1955 156  77 qxc Kevin Riley Yes
5th coLgoswser 1939 253  145 Goswser Michael Dobler Yes
6th ROOTMaSa 1937 98  26 MaSa Maru Kim Yes
7th Hecate 1932 250  143 Maker Ricardo Flores Yes
8th StephanoRC 1922 295  134 Stephano Ilyes Satouri No
9th hellokitty 1913 185  96 hellokitty Zifeng Wang Yes
10th IIIIlllIIIIl 1909 134 43
11th ROOTMinigun 1906 270  154 Minigun Chad Jones Yes
12th hendralisk 1900 85  24 hendralisk Henry Zheng Yes
13th Anonymous 1890 126 56
14th puCK 1889 756  538 Leiya Leiya Qual Yes
15th State 1868 242  127 State Ryan Visbeck Yes
16th Neeb 1868 433  299 Neeb Alex Sunderhaft Yes
17th IIIIIIIIIIII 1855 134 67
18th SuppyRC 1848 225  132 Suppy Conan Liu Yes
19th iaguz 1831 263  157 iaguz Ethan Zugai No
20th coLTriMaster 1821 226  142 Trimaster Joshua Niven Yes
21st Drunkenboi 1816 288  156 Drunkenboi Henry Luu Yes
22nd Sonic 1816 158 97 Sonic Wen Jin Yes
23rd Kane 1809 632  347 Kane Sam Morrissette Yes
24th DuStSwarm 1809 149  98 DuStSwarm Alex Tarkoff Yes
25th NaEjeOn 1808 195 103 theognis Michael McClelland Maybe?
26th PiG 1805 133  67 PiG Jared Krensel No
27th EGIdrA 1802  452 298 Idra Greg Fields Yes
28th llllllllllll 1798 222 142
29th Sasquatch 1793 160  86 Sasquatch Gage DuBose Yes
30th rsvp 1786 557 426 rsvp Julian Xu Yes
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